Big Boys Fine Burger Co.

‘The ultimate burger experience.’

The Big Boys were one of our first ever clients when we started the agency, and we look back on those days with fondness as both businesses looked to establish themselves in the local community.

Our first two projects involved collaborations with talented local illustrator Elliot Masters, who created bespoke artwork for the restaurant and a unique comic book menu. You can check out Elliot’s other work via his super-cool Insta account @ell85design.

Some of our other collaborations with the Boys included food photography, restaurant artwork, and a marketing campaign coinciding with their temporary pop-up restaurant launch in Canterbury.

ClientBig Boys Fine Burger

Elliot’s illustration style was the perfect fit for the playful Big Boy’s brand and only needed subtle typography.

Check out Elliot’s cool polygonal burger and hot dog artwork from our first ever collaboration with BB.

You never go hungry on a food photography assignment.

Big Boys like burgers more than Kanye loves Kanye! Artwork for Canterbury pop-up launch. Design by regular OF creative collaborator Sean Brightman!

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